Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marrying A Firefighter *Fun Post*

I love when i see wedding pictures where couples have incorporated their careers into their wedding theme. I have firefighters in my family so i am sharing some great firefighter- incorporated wedding shots & ideas that i just love!!!

Wedding Shots:

Grooms Cakes & Wedding Cake Toppers

Dress/Bride Shots:

Engagement Shots:
So if your'e future hubby/wifey is a hero firefighter, incorporate fun & sexy photo's or some fun accessories to show all of your guests how proud you are of your hero!

 photo 2310695d903cab7ec896e6a8625de6e6_zps62ed74a6.png

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring wedding inspiration

Spring has finally arrived, this season is a time for rebirth and renewal so what better time for the new adventure that marriage brings! 
For your spring wedding think about what about spring you love the most, is it the bright colors? The flowers?

Daisy- topped Hors d'Oeuvers Toothpicks/ Bamboo box garden centerpieces

Potted place card (doubles as favors)/ Butterfly flower girls dresses

Yellow ruffled table runner              Scented confetti 

Celebrate in Spring        
            In season flower centerpieces/            Bird ring pillows

 photo 2310695d903cab7ec896e6a8625de6e6_zps62ed74a6.png

Saturday, March 16, 2013

St Patrick's Day

When most people think of St. Patrick’s Day, the usual associations come to mind: leprechauns, green beer, pots of gold, pinching, right? But envision a wedding loosely inspired by the holiday – with a more modern and subtle interpretation. From the bright color palette (centered around emerald green + gold) to the menu (including mini shepherd’s pies, fish ‘n chips, and Guinness pudding) full of lots of gorgeousness bringing the Irish influences to life! Here is some inspiration!

 photo 2310695d903cab7ec896e6a8625de6e6_zps62ed74a6.png

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fun wedding exits

How often does the opportunity arise for you and your sweetheart to run through a barrage of confetti, bubbles, flowing ribbons, sparklers or any number of other beautiful things coming from a crowd of your friends and family… all in celebration of YOU?  I don’t know about you, but this doesn't happen to me very often.  I wish it did.  Like maybe once a week.  But that’s probably asking too much.
Your wedding day, however, is the perfect time to make this happen for a few reasons.  One, all of your friends and family are gathered together to support and celebrate your marriage.  Two, it would not be unusual for them to shower you with love and other goodies like I mentioned above.  And three, you will have a professional photographer there to capture this beautiful moment so you can look back at it often.  Like maybe once a week?  Right.
An exit after the ceremony or from the reception at the end of the night are perfect opportunities!  One thing is certain – you MUST clear it with your venue before hand.  I wouldn't want you getting into trouble on your wedding day!  Here are some of my favorite photos to give you an idea of just what I’m talking about…
wedding exit streamers
bubble wedding exitKimberly and Justin's Vintage Ranch Wedding
 photo 2310695d903cab7ec896e6a8625de6e6_zps62ed74a6.png

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Unique Invitations!

Wedding invitations set the mood for your wedding and reception.  Do you want your wedding to be formal, fun, or whimsical? WeddingBlvd purposefully chose these two fun invitations that illustrate a theme filled with color, balloons, and romance!
Balloon Invitation:

Each guest will receive a box in the mail with a helium balloon inside.  When they open the box they will find a singular colorful balloon that rises to greet them. Balloon Box Photo Credit: On Hand Modern

Tying the knot invitation:

 photo 2310695d903cab7ec896e6a8625de6e6_zps62ed74a6.png