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Brides: Have a real wedding/engagement story that you can’t wait to share?

Vendors: Not sure where to submit that gorgeous Shoot or wedding-day masterpiece? Or Review a wedding venue? We’d love to post it here!

Wedding Enthusiasts: Want to share you tips/advice and submit a guest post?

Press: Wedding gifts and treats are a fave here. To submit your products for review, contact us!

Photo Guidelines: 

* No collages or watermarked images (we will provide proper credit and links)
* Images must be 72 dpi
* Please submit images that HAVE NOT already published to WeddingBlvd

Send all inquires/submissions to  yasmen.weddingblvd@gmail.com

*When submitting real weddings, please remember to provide us with the couple’s name, the date they were married, and the wedding location.  If possible, also email us wedding details such as vendor names, dress details, reception details, and a mini bio of the couple. Any and all fun facts are also welcomed*
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