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Hello my name is Yasmen♥ I was born in Boston, England, and moved to Orlando, FL in 2009. I made this blog to share my love and passion for weddings and events and includes every aspect, decor, tips, bridal collections, grooms, cakes, baby showers, bridal showers, kid parties and adult parties. Planning weddings and events are what drive me!! I have fallen head over heels in love with everything wedding related; two people coming together, two families coming together, two lives coming together to become inextricably intertwined and of course the stunning decor details that have endless possibilities! I can only imagine the unexplainable feeling of being able to hand a girl her version of that dream. It's for that reason that I am becoming a Wedding Planner!♥


Simple really, i love LOVE, i love happiness, and i believe in forever's.

If you have any questions, id love to hear from you contact me via email (yasmen.weddingblvd@gmail.com) or facebook, twitter (Links on homepage)

Thank you for reading and supporting me on my journey of wedding & event planning!

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