Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why do i love weddings?

Simple really, i love LOVE, i love happiness, and i believe in forever's.
Since i was a little tot i married my Barbie's to Ken's or Action Men when i grew a little older i began tp watch wedding TV, and read wedding magazines, books, i began to cut out decor that would go perfect with a gown i printed off the computer and a destination, castle, gardens or beach that i had cut out of a magazine, i had created the perfect wedding from images i had put together from random magazines or with the power of the computer printer. As i grew older i realized that Weddings were in my blood, my grandma had always loved weddings and shared that passion and love with me, she was the one who went into town and always bought me a wedding magazine back, and right up until this very moment my love for weddings has not changed, i'm working my way to become a planner and have a internship with a great, inspirational planner. 
(needless to say my Grandma is proud, and always knew i'd become a great Planner) ♥ 
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