Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Real "Wedding Consultant"

Throughout my learning and experience in the wedding industry i have come to realize that there are so many professionals that title themselves "wedding consultant".

Catering Manager aka Wedding Consultant: Your catering manager is there to make sure your menu is correct on the day of your wedding and the venue is properly staffed. The catering manager makes sure your place settings are set up correctly, and serve your food to your guests. They usually re-fill buffet, attend to beverage needs, and overall , just make sure the venue's rules are followed. If they want to attend all of your vendor meetings, go to the rehearsal organize and orchestrate that as well.... just make sure they know what they are doing.

Church Director aka Wedding Consultant: Your church director is there to make sure the rules of the church are followed. In addition, they know the minister's needs and where he likes to stand, talk, and rule the house of God. 

Private Events Director aka Wedding Consultant: The Private Events Director handles the needs of an exclusive club, they make sure their members are treated as VIPs.

Florist/Designer aka Wedding Consultant: Obviously, handle your florals, sometimes rentals, linens, lighting, and design. Your floral designer can make sure you know the difference between and peonies and a carnation. But sometimes doesn't know the difference between Fuchsia and Raspberry.

Fashion Consultant aka Wedding Consultant: Sells you a dress. Rents you a tuxedo, knows the difference between Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta. Or Calvin Klein and J. Crew. Has amazing taste in fashion and knows what not to wear.

None of these are Wedding Consultants, although they can call themselves a wedding consultant, because, well they consult the bride.... on very limited topics. And frankly most of them are as organized as your great grandma's junk drawer. (no offense, Great Grandma).

But your real Wedding Consultant is there for you through all of these issues, and knows the difference between  Peonies and a Carnation and what time they should be delivered. Are there to organize and orchestrate through the tremendous amount of details and make sure it all happens perfectly. :) 

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