Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year From WeddingBlvd!

With new years eve just a few days away, we got excited thinking about all the upcoming NYE weddings that will take place this year!  It's a popular wedding date because people love having a great party with their friends and family that night to celebrate, and what's a better celebration than a wedding?! 
Check out these inspirational photos we put together to get the party started.

With silver and gold as main inspirational colors, i chose white as well to represent something fresh, just like the new year.  Adding fun metallic accents makes the white pop & stand out that much more.  And of course, whats NYE without a little sparkle? 

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and fabulous New Year! I look forward to another year of wedding inspiration & fun with you!

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

New Year’s Eve is a popular night to hold a wedding; it’s an easy anniversary for your and your spouse to remember and who doesn't want to be surrounded by their family and friends to ring in the new year? There’s typically more sparkle and confetti around the holidays, but that sparkle can be added to a wedding anytime of the year. Here are some ways to add the glitz and glamour into your wedding even if it isn't’t on New Year’s Eve!

1) Add horns to your celebration. This could be fun during your exit!

2) Add fun sparkly hats, confetti and less traditional invitations!

3) Wear fun hats! Maybe make ones that say “Happy Wedding” for a non-New Year’s wedding!

4) Incorporate sparkly table runners, table ornaments, and cake decorations!

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hiring a videographer

While a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes wedding photography is not enough to capture all the magic of your wedding day. For this reason, many couples also consider hiring a wedding videographer for their wedding. Here is a look at what you need to know when choosing a videographer.
Count the Experience
Above all, you want someone that has experience in the field of wedding videos. A videographer needs to be an expert in the field. Some videographers will see wedding videos as a cheap and easy way to get into the field of videography, so you want to watch out for these people. Hiring a professional is critical in producing great results.
Review the Demos
A good way to tell how professional your videographer is at his or her work is to ask for demos. Take the time to sit through a few and watch how the videographer works. Since it is a live production, it is normal to see a few minor errors, but you should see that on the whole the wedding and receptions are covered professionally. You can also ask for references from previous customers, which will help you further understand how the videographer works.
Ease of Communication
Your videographer needs to be a people person. This is important not only in getting the specific shots that you want included in your wedding video, but also in making sure that everything runs smoothly. Your videographer will need to work with both the guests and the other professionals you have hired for your special day.
Personalization of Style
Like photographers, videographers will have varying styles. It is often helpful to have a photographer and a videographer that have a similar style so that they can work together. Some videographers prefer a reality-TV style approach, others more of a documentary, and some will prove more of an artsy feel to their work. You want to find a videographer that has a style that you like, which will fully reflect your personality for your wedding day.
Budgeting the Price
As with anything else in your wedding, a professional videographer is going to come with a fee. Since this is a professional service, you should keep in mind that you will often get what you pay for. Expect to pay at least as much for your wedding video as you do for your still photography. Since the pictures and the video are the main remembrances of the big day, the two are often at the top of the pricing scale to insure good quality.
Evaluating the Cameras/Equipment
For most couples, unless they are into photography or videography themselves, the type of equipment that is used is not important. However, you may want to ask how many cameras the videographer and staff will be using. In most cases, you will want a minimum of two cameras going throughout the ceremony in order to make sure that every moment is captured.
Incorporating the Editing
While the videography of the big day is important, just as important is the editing. You will want to know the length of the final version, if captions or titles will be included, if there will be a menu, what sort of music there will be, and any other concerns. For those couples who are working with a budget, an unedited video can give you a realistic picture of the day, if your videographer is willing to give you one.
Buying Extra Copies
If you want extra copies of your wedding video, you will want to find ahead of time if there are any copyright fees that will be involved. If you want still shots made from the video, you might also inquire about the charges for these at the same time.
Overall, your videographer is responsible for capturing your big day. Choose wisely, and you will find a professional that will do quality work within your budget in order to have the best memento possible.

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Mood Music for your wedding

For many couples, the wedding ceremony is just part of the celebration.  After exchanging vows, they go on to the wedding reception, where family and friends join together for joyous celebration.  
For both parts of your special day, the music you choose can play an important role in the type of mood that is set.   Do you want a fun wedding?   Do you want a serious or traditional one?  How you choose your wedding entertainment will definitely determine the ambiance of your special day.
Jamming with Wedding Bands
For many couples, the wedding band is a popular choice.  For instance, you can pick up some of the local flair by hiring a country band or a Latin band.  If you are going for a tropical or Caribbean themed wedding, then a reggae or steel drum band might be appropriate. Other couples will decide to go with a  wedding band that does their personal favorite music, such as a Top 40 band, a 90′s band, or a dance band. If you are unsure what you would like, consider interviewing a few different wedding bands to see what there is available.
Spinning with Wedding DJs
Some couples prefer a variety of music styles for their wedding entertainment in Dallas. If this is the case for you, then a wedding DJ might be more appropriate. The advantage of a wedding DJ is that you can use a variety of different music styles, since everything is done on CD. There is often less of a need for an “intermission” since there is no band that will need to take a break (and the DJ can often eat right at his or her station, or set up several tracks to play while taking a break). Different DJs will have different styles – for instance, some may be more into telling jokes and making small talk than others, so you will want to interview a few before deciding on your wedding entertainment.
Going with Solo Musicians
For those couples who prefer a more traditional sound to their wedding, you might consider a solo musician for your wedding entertainment. Unlike a band, this is only one musician. Depending on your personal tastes, a variety of instrumentation is available. Your choices might include an acoustic guitar, a cellist, a harpist, a keyboardist or organist, or a violinist, among other instruments. Or you can choose to hire a wedding singer to sing songs during your wedding and reception. Again, the type of instrument and/or singer that you choose will have a large impact on the style and the mood of your wedding.

Enjoying Classical Wedding Ensembles
Another option for a traditional wedding is to go with classical wedding ensembles as your wedding entertainment.  Like the wedding band, these are often a group of performers. However, instead of playing Top 40 music or your favorite 80s songs, these musicians give a more classical feel to your wedding. Brass ensembles, string quartets, and woodwind ensembles are all popular choices. Again, some people will find that different instrument selections will give a different feel to their wedding. For instance, a brass ensemble may be a bit overwhelming for the actual ceremony, but may be perfect for the festive celebration afterwards.
As with other parts of your wedding planning, the wedding band or entertainment may need to be reserved well in advance in order to secure your date. Start interviewing early, and reserve a time slot as soon as your plans have started to fall into place.  By understanding the mood you want to create, you can choose the best musical option that will become a beautiful soundtrack to your special day!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

How To Add "Winter" To Your Wedding Bouquet

Wedding florals vary by season, and choosing florals that are in season helps keep costs down. While that means peonies aren't the best choice for your winter wedding, you'll still have some fabulous winter floral options. Here are some of the best ways to winterize your wedding florals:
1. Use holiday trimmings like pine and holly berries.
2. Make them frosty with lambs ear, or do an all-silver brooch (non-floral) bouquet.
3. Add winter texture with pinecones, berries, and lotus pods.
4. Incorporate winter fruits and veggies like kale and persimmons.
5. Make them all winter white (or cream).
What is your favorite way to winterize wedding florals?

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Wedding Planning During The Holidays

We know this time of year is all about family and togetherness, but we actually think the holidays are a perfect time to do a little wedding planning. (And what are weddings about if not family and togetherness?!) If you are traveling or off work, you'll likely have some down rather than playing Candy Crush for hours, here are some ways you can get a little wedding planning done.
1. Look at wedding inspiration and research vendors with your fiance. Even if you browse wedding inspiration regularly for fun, finding time to sit down and browse as a couple can actually be tough. And while the holidays can certainly be busy, they often include a lot of down time. So if you'll just be hanging out at your parents' place in the days between Christmas and New Year's, set aside some time to browse for wedding ideas and researching venues and people to hire. (We recommend sending out emails to venues and vendors you're interested in while you're at it; you may not hear back for a few days, but it feels so good to get those initial emails sent!)
2. Read gift guides to find bridesmaid and groomsmen gift ideas. Because when you're ready to start buying gifts in May, you won't have all these great gift ideas right in front of you! Even if you don't buy the products now, you'll likely get some ideas you hadn't thought of before. (Hint: gift guides are also a great place to find ideas for wedding gifts for the coming year!)
3. Take advantage of the face time with your family and friends. One of the most difficult things about planning a wedding these days is that family and friends are often so spread out, meaning a trip to the bridal salon with your mom and all your maids is a long shot. So think about any aspects of your wedding you need to discuss in person (like the budget and guest list) or any shopping that you'd prefer to do offline (like trying on bridesmaids dresses) and try to find a time to do it when people are around this week.
4. Work on your DIY projects. Again, if you have a few days off work and you know you'll have some down time, it's a great time to tackle one of your wedding DIY tasks. What would feel like it's taking over your entire weekend during the rest of the year week will feel much less stressful during a week-long vacation. And attempting a DIY project well in advance -- when you still have time to give up and hire someone if it doesn't work out -- is always a good idea.
Have a great holiday!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Red & Green Christmas Wedding Inspiration

When planning your Christmas themed wedding, the goal is to achieve a festive look with emphasis on elegance. You can use red and green in your decor, but use the combination sparingly. For instance, a little red and green in your bouquet or your boutonnieres is great, but you don’t need to use the color combination on every hand-picked piece. To show you what we mean, we've rounded up some of our favorite Christmas wedding ideas in red and green. 
Oh, and P.S. mistletoe is a must. Hang it above your photo booth for impromptu snapshots and use it in one of your wedding portraits.
CHRISTMAS WEDDING - mistletoe picture <3 It would be cute if the groom pulled out the mistletoe for his 1st wife kiss on the altar!
affordable red and green christmas tree holiday wedding invitations online

christmas wedding ideas accessorieschristmas wedding ideas nutcracker cake topperchristmas wedding ideas tartan handkerchief for groomsmen giftsred bracelet garnet gold chain christmas wedding ideaswedding accessories christmas wedding ideaschristmas wedding ideas guest book printchristmas wedding ideas bridesmaids red dresseschristmas wedding bouquetchristmas wedding ideas cranberries in clear hurricane candle holder
where to buy //
3 – christmas wedding hair comb | kimart
4 – tartan plaid clutch purse | juneberry stitches
5 – christmas boutonnieres | whichgoose
6 – poinsettia-inspired hair pins | hair blossoms boutique
7 – tartan plaid bow tie | black safari
8 – christmas wedding ring pillow | kirahley kreations
9 – cake topper (nutcracker) | gimme some sugar
10 – tartan handkerchief for groomsmen | aristocrafts
11 – red garnet bracelet | laura stark
12 – sparkly red dress sash | sparklesm
13 – emerald engagement ring | kristin coffin jewelry
14 – felt acorns | fairyfolk weddings
15 – moss monogram | spotted leopard
16 – peppermint cake pops | nicole’s homemade treats
17 – ribbon wands | kate kate nyc
18 – christmas wedding print (great as a guest book!) | michael dexter design
19 – bridesmaid dresses in red | photo: emma + josh (see the Christmas themed wedding!)
20, 22 – christmas wedding cake, cranberry candles | photo: joe hendricks
21 – christmas wedding bouquet | serendipity bridal

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Wedding Inspiration In Pictures (1)

I believe that there is something so magical about winter weddings. When the last couple of weeks in November are here, i believe that red, Christmas trees, berries, white and poinsettias are not optional at your wedding or event, i believe that they are NEEDED :) 
Here is just a few pictures i put together as inspiration for winter weddings and i hope you enjoy!
*If you had/having a winter wedding, please contact me via the contact tab on the top of the homepage, i would love to feature your wedding!*




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Thursday, December 12, 2013

finding the perfect venue

Once you say “I do,” there needs to be a waiting location ready for a beautiful celebration with your family and friends! In addition to the wedding ceremony itself, couples also need to consider where they will have the wedding reception afterwards. Some are designed to have your wedding on site, while others are better tailored for just the receptions with weddings held off site.

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing a wedding reception. Here are some things to think about so that you find the perfect site.

How many guests?

You will first want to think about how many people you will be inviting to the wedding reception. Often, the wedding reception venue will need to be larger than the actual location of the wedding, since many couples will have more guests for the reception than the actual ceremony. Some wedding reception venues are designed to accommodate large numbers of people, while others are designed for a more intimate setting. You never want your guests to feel cramped while at the wedding, so make sure that the venue is large enough.

When is the wedding?

If you are planning to get married quickly, versus having a long engagement, your choices of wedding reception venues are going to be more limited. Popular sites tend to be reserved quickly, and if you have a dream location, reserve it as soon as possible. If you do not have a site in mind, then you should start looking right away because availability may influence your wedding date. Make sure that you get a confirmation receipt of your reservation as soon as you have found and reserved a venue.

What setting are you thinking of?

If the weather is nice, but you still want a traditional church wedding, then an outdoor reception is a good way to take advantage of the beauty of nature. However, keep in mind that there are unique challenges for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. With outdoor wedding receptions, you are much more dependent on the weather being nice, while indoor receptions may be limited in space. Both have their own unique catering, entertainment, and photography concerns. If you decide that an outdoor venue is right for you, an option is to consider a location that has the option of moving the party indoors if the weather does not cooperate.

Where is your wedding being held?

If your wedding is not being held at the same location as your wedding reception, then you want a venue that is nearby. Having the ceremony location and the service location too far apart can make travel difficult for guests and wedding party members.

What is your entertainment?

Depending on your wedding reception venue, noise laws may be in effect during certain times of the day. If you are having a wedding DJ or a wedding band, check into these laws before booking a site.

The key to choosing the ideal wedding reception venue is to get a start early! This will give you the widest array of options, and thus, you can plan the perfect wedding – and celebration!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Creating A Successful Thanksgiving Wedding

No holiday brings family together like Thanksgiving. True, much of it has to do with the overabundance of delicious food, but we think a lot of it has to do with the overwhelming gratefulness we feel for all we've been blessed with over the past year and in life in general.

Besides Thanksgiving, what other celebration has the power to bring families together to give thanks for love that’s been found? You guessed it: a wedding. A time when two families become one because of the powerful love shared between two individuals.

The concept of a Thanksgiving-weekend wedding, however unconventional it may seem, is not actually as uncommon as you might think. It’s a two-for-one special the way many see it, and two fantastic reasons for families to join together. If you plan on holding a Thanksgiving wedding next weekend, next year, or in years to come, here are some things you should be aware of beforehand to avoid disappointments and help make your Thanksgiving wedding a success!


When it comes to guests who aren't of any relation to the bride or groom, or those with large extended families, be aware that attending your wedding may be a difficult commitment to make. As Thanksgiving is held on a Thursday, you will most likely receive the most positive response if you choose to hold your wedding on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.


Be mindful that this is a special holiday that people typically share with close family; most already have annual traditions in place. If you plan on asking friends and family to stray from the norm to help celebrate your wedding day, give them as much time as possible to plan in advance as you possibly can. As soon as you have a date in mind and book your hall, send out the save the date cards. This could mean you’re asking people to plan a year in advance, but that is going to give you the greatest probability of receiving the most ‘yes’ responses.

It’s also recommended to keep tabs on relatives and let everyone else know who plans to spend their Thanksgiving with you. This way, it is publicly understood that this is a family-oriented event and the holiday is still going to be celebrated; there’s just a little extra love in the air! You can let everyone keep in touch a few ways, I recommend utilizing social media by creating a group where members can fill in the rest of the group members on their plans, travel arrangements, etc. Setting up a group email is also a great way to keep in touch, but has the potential to get slightly more annoying as the responses pile up in inbox's.


For one, you have your theme all picked out! Fall weddings are already some of the most beautiful and fun-to-plan weddings of the year and now you have a theme for the cuisine, as well! Thanksgiving feasts are elaborate and enjoyable, so make a large focus of your wedding the food; everyone will definitely appreciate your consideration for the holiday.

In addition, if you have a lot of friends and family who may be traveling from out of state to celebrate with you, most employers give long weekends for Thanksgiving, so asking off from work is a non-issue, making traveling much easier.

No matter what way you look at it, combining a celebration as fun and full of love as a wedding with a wonderful family holiday just seems like a good idea after all. From all of us at The Springs Events, happy wedding planning, happy Thanksgiving and bon appétit!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving at your wedding: Showing gratitude to your guests

Thanksgiving at your wedding: Ways to show gratitude to your guests.
Though Thanksgiving only comes around once a year here in the US, remembering the holiday year-round when planning your wedding is a good way to make sure your guests feel your gratitude. We often forget the effort and expense it takes many wedding guests to celebrate with you at your wedding. You invited them to your wedding for a reason, so take a cue from Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful. A sweet note, yummy treats, fun favors, a big ole' are some little ways you can show gratitude to your guests at your wedding.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bonding with your in laws at Thanksgiving

4 Tips for Bonding With Your Future In-Laws at Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving -- one of the most family-centric holidays -- is often the time when you realize your engagement isn't just a shiny diamond ring and a good-looking fiancé. While those things are nice, it is much more than that -- it's a time to prepare for the joining of two families and communities.
The Norman Rockwell version of Thanksgiving conjures up images of a glistening roasted turkey, beautiful side dishes, and a perfectly set table. But underneath the yummy food and lovely table settings are family dynamics that can be wonderful...or can be rather difficult to handle. Here are some tips to help newly-engaged couples navigate their first family holiday together and help set the stage for their upcoming wedding.
1. Be positive.
Arriving at your in-laws' home for Thanksgiving with a smile on your face really sets the tone for the day. People tend to respond better to others who are positive and loving. It's important to let your future in-laws know that you're really happy to be spending the holiday with them and to become a member of their family.
2. Be patient.
Not everyone has good social skills or knows how to tactfully introduce himself or herself. If people are awkward or struggling to make conversation, try to have empathy for them and be as gracious as possible. 
3. Get involved!
Offer to make something to bring to the meal -- perhaps a side dish or dessert. Your future in-laws will be thrilled to see you pitching in. You could also help by clearing the table or doing the dishes. On the other hand, don't go overboard trying to do so much that it makes them feel uncomfortable. Others in the family will want to contribute as well.
4. Try to learn about the dynamics of the family in advance.
That way, you'll better understand what's really going on and who has an underlying agenda. It's best not to get involved in heated debates or discussions, even if this is typical for your fiancé's family. A good rule of thumb for the holidays (or for any dinner party for that matter) is to keep the discussion friendly, light, and pleasant. And always try to remain civil even if some sparks fly. Basically, if someone acts up or says something provocative, don't take the bait and engage.
What are your best tips for surviving your first holiday with your future in-laws?

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Pt 1

Creating a Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding

With the stunning fall colors and delicious cooking, Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of the most remarkable times of the year! From the beautiful hues of browns, reds, yellows and oranges to those mouthwatering dishes of turkey, savory mashed potatoes and delectable desserts, creating a Thanksgiving inspired wedding is a great and unique way to incorporate this amazing time of the year into your very own nuptials. We, at WeddingBlvd, have a few fun ideas on how you can transform your Thanksgiving favorites into a gorgeous wedding theme everyone will love!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Untitled attachment 00461.dat  267x400 Creating a Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding
The Wedding Attire
With a Thanksgiving inspired wedding it’s essential to showcase autumn colored attire! For the bridal gown, choose a soft ivory or off-white dress adorned with a brown, beige or orange belt to incorporate that autumn look.

For the bridal party, the guys can dress in tan or chocolate brown suits wearing with a variety of seasonal colored ties, such as blood orange, golden yellow and merlot red. For the bridesmaids, outfit them in the same shades as the guys’ ties for a stunning display of autumn colors!

And for the flowers, think of dark red dahlias, golden black-eyed Susans, yellow and orange calla lilies, yellow sunflowers and orange roses. Then, you can incorporate that Thanksgiving touch by adding details, such as acorns, green berry sprays, sprigs of seeded eucalyptus, or clusters of hypericum berries.

 fall wedding gown 265x400 Creating a Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding
The Wedding Menu
Thanksgiving is certainly one tastiest meals of the year! Transform your favorite dishes into a wedding-worthy menu with these delicious ideas!

 Pecan Pie 325x400 Creating a Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding
Cocktail Hour

  • In place of green bean casserole, serve crispy fried green beans in mini cups or paper cones.
  •  How about the sweet potatoes? Dish up sweet potato fries or tater tots in paper cones. You can also create sweet mashed potatoes shooters topped with marshmallows, pecans and cinnamon. Yum!
  • With a Thanksgiving menu you must have turkey, right? Include passed mini-turkey sliders or turkey and cranberry finger sandwiches. 
Turkey Sliders 577x400 Creating a Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding
Mini Turkey Sliders

Main Course

  • To incorporate butternut squash, try a savory and healthy quinoa and squash salad. Or, if you want something a little warmer, serve fresh butternut squash soup in a squash rind bowl. It’s not only a tasty dish, but it also adds that extra Thanksgiving harvest theme.
  • Love mashed potatoes? Set up a spud bar with different toppings, such as cheese, bacon bits, sour cream and chives. Serve the mashed potatoes in a martini glass for an upscale “mash-tini!”
  • More turkey! For your main course, serve roasted turkey with an orange zest cranberry sauce, corn bread stuffing and pumpkin ravioli. Delish!


  • Who needs a wedding cake when you have pie? Dish up a variety of pies flavors, such as pecan, blueberry, peach, strawberry and cherry. You can also give out the extra pie filling as a wedding favor!
  • What’s Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? Set up a dessert bar with pumpkin pie shooters, cake pops and cheesecake bites to incorporate this Thanksgiving favorite.
  • Love apple pie? You can also consider serving apple pie shooters, mini apple crisps and apple pie cake pops.

Pumpkin Pie Shooters

  • Cranberries anyone? Have a cranberry fizz cocktail with vodka, ginger beer and fresh cranberries as your signature drink. For something a little sweeter, try cranberry-spice cocktail with fresh cranberries, crystallized ginger, Aperol, hard cider and Cranberry-Anise Bitters.
  • Want more pumpkin? Serve a pumpkin martini, pumpkin spiced punch or a pumpkin ale.
  • And for the vino lovers out there, include spiced wine with ginger and cinnamon or spiced apple sangria with Spanish red wine, spiced apple cider, orange juice and brandy. Cheers!

cranberry spice cocktail1 320x400 Creating a Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding

Cranberry-Spice Cocktail. Photo by Johnny Valiant

 photo 2310695d903cab7ec896e6a8625de6e6_zps62ed74a6.png