Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

New Year’s Eve is a popular night to hold a wedding; it’s an easy anniversary for your and your spouse to remember and who doesn't want to be surrounded by their family and friends to ring in the new year? There’s typically more sparkle and confetti around the holidays, but that sparkle can be added to a wedding anytime of the year. Here are some ways to add the glitz and glamour into your wedding even if it isn't’t on New Year’s Eve!

1) Add horns to your celebration. This could be fun during your exit!

2) Add fun sparkly hats, confetti and less traditional invitations!

3) Wear fun hats! Maybe make ones that say “Happy Wedding” for a non-New Year’s wedding!

4) Incorporate sparkly table runners, table ornaments, and cake decorations!

 photo 2310695d903cab7ec896e6a8625de6e6_zps62ed74a6.png