Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mood Music for your wedding

For many couples, the wedding ceremony is just part of the celebration.  After exchanging vows, they go on to the wedding reception, where family and friends join together for joyous celebration.  
For both parts of your special day, the music you choose can play an important role in the type of mood that is set.   Do you want a fun wedding?   Do you want a serious or traditional one?  How you choose your wedding entertainment will definitely determine the ambiance of your special day.
Jamming with Wedding Bands
For many couples, the wedding band is a popular choice.  For instance, you can pick up some of the local flair by hiring a country band or a Latin band.  If you are going for a tropical or Caribbean themed wedding, then a reggae or steel drum band might be appropriate. Other couples will decide to go with a  wedding band that does their personal favorite music, such as a Top 40 band, a 90′s band, or a dance band. If you are unsure what you would like, consider interviewing a few different wedding bands to see what there is available.
Spinning with Wedding DJs
Some couples prefer a variety of music styles for their wedding entertainment in Dallas. If this is the case for you, then a wedding DJ might be more appropriate. The advantage of a wedding DJ is that you can use a variety of different music styles, since everything is done on CD. There is often less of a need for an “intermission” since there is no band that will need to take a break (and the DJ can often eat right at his or her station, or set up several tracks to play while taking a break). Different DJs will have different styles – for instance, some may be more into telling jokes and making small talk than others, so you will want to interview a few before deciding on your wedding entertainment.
Going with Solo Musicians
For those couples who prefer a more traditional sound to their wedding, you might consider a solo musician for your wedding entertainment. Unlike a band, this is only one musician. Depending on your personal tastes, a variety of instrumentation is available. Your choices might include an acoustic guitar, a cellist, a harpist, a keyboardist or organist, or a violinist, among other instruments. Or you can choose to hire a wedding singer to sing songs during your wedding and reception. Again, the type of instrument and/or singer that you choose will have a large impact on the style and the mood of your wedding.

Enjoying Classical Wedding Ensembles
Another option for a traditional wedding is to go with classical wedding ensembles as your wedding entertainment.  Like the wedding band, these are often a group of performers. However, instead of playing Top 40 music or your favorite 80s songs, these musicians give a more classical feel to your wedding. Brass ensembles, string quartets, and woodwind ensembles are all popular choices. Again, some people will find that different instrument selections will give a different feel to their wedding. For instance, a brass ensemble may be a bit overwhelming for the actual ceremony, but may be perfect for the festive celebration afterwards.
As with other parts of your wedding planning, the wedding band or entertainment may need to be reserved well in advance in order to secure your date. Start interviewing early, and reserve a time slot as soon as your plans have started to fall into place.  By understanding the mood you want to create, you can choose the best musical option that will become a beautiful soundtrack to your special day!

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