Thursday, December 12, 2013

finding the perfect venue

Once you say “I do,” there needs to be a waiting location ready for a beautiful celebration with your family and friends! In addition to the wedding ceremony itself, couples also need to consider where they will have the wedding reception afterwards. Some are designed to have your wedding on site, while others are better tailored for just the receptions with weddings held off site.

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing a wedding reception. Here are some things to think about so that you find the perfect site.

How many guests?

You will first want to think about how many people you will be inviting to the wedding reception. Often, the wedding reception venue will need to be larger than the actual location of the wedding, since many couples will have more guests for the reception than the actual ceremony. Some wedding reception venues are designed to accommodate large numbers of people, while others are designed for a more intimate setting. You never want your guests to feel cramped while at the wedding, so make sure that the venue is large enough.

When is the wedding?

If you are planning to get married quickly, versus having a long engagement, your choices of wedding reception venues are going to be more limited. Popular sites tend to be reserved quickly, and if you have a dream location, reserve it as soon as possible. If you do not have a site in mind, then you should start looking right away because availability may influence your wedding date. Make sure that you get a confirmation receipt of your reservation as soon as you have found and reserved a venue.

What setting are you thinking of?

If the weather is nice, but you still want a traditional church wedding, then an outdoor reception is a good way to take advantage of the beauty of nature. However, keep in mind that there are unique challenges for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. With outdoor wedding receptions, you are much more dependent on the weather being nice, while indoor receptions may be limited in space. Both have their own unique catering, entertainment, and photography concerns. If you decide that an outdoor venue is right for you, an option is to consider a location that has the option of moving the party indoors if the weather does not cooperate.

Where is your wedding being held?

If your wedding is not being held at the same location as your wedding reception, then you want a venue that is nearby. Having the ceremony location and the service location too far apart can make travel difficult for guests and wedding party members.

What is your entertainment?

Depending on your wedding reception venue, noise laws may be in effect during certain times of the day. If you are having a wedding DJ or a wedding band, check into these laws before booking a site.

The key to choosing the ideal wedding reception venue is to get a start early! This will give you the widest array of options, and thus, you can plan the perfect wedding – and celebration!

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