Monday, September 24, 2012

Fabulous Chair Covers

Chair covers are not necessary, however they add a touch of elegance and class. Here are a few examples of types and ways to add fabulous chair covers to your perfect wedding. 

Blush Ruffles

Simple Sashes

Funky Flowers

Fairy Tale Rose Sash

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Real "Wedding Consultant"

Throughout my learning and experience in the wedding industry i have come to realize that there are so many professionals that title themselves "wedding consultant".

Catering Manager aka Wedding Consultant: Your catering manager is there to make sure your menu is correct on the day of your wedding and the venue is properly staffed. The catering manager makes sure your place settings are set up correctly, and serve your food to your guests. They usually re-fill buffet, attend to beverage needs, and overall , just make sure the venue's rules are followed. If they want to attend all of your vendor meetings, go to the rehearsal organize and orchestrate that as well.... just make sure they know what they are doing.

Church Director aka Wedding Consultant: Your church director is there to make sure the rules of the church are followed. In addition, they know the minister's needs and where he likes to stand, talk, and rule the house of God. 

Private Events Director aka Wedding Consultant: The Private Events Director handles the needs of an exclusive club, they make sure their members are treated as VIPs.

Florist/Designer aka Wedding Consultant: Obviously, handle your florals, sometimes rentals, linens, lighting, and design. Your floral designer can make sure you know the difference between and peonies and a carnation. But sometimes doesn't know the difference between Fuchsia and Raspberry.

Fashion Consultant aka Wedding Consultant: Sells you a dress. Rents you a tuxedo, knows the difference between Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta. Or Calvin Klein and J. Crew. Has amazing taste in fashion and knows what not to wear.

None of these are Wedding Consultants, although they can call themselves a wedding consultant, because, well they consult the bride.... on very limited topics. And frankly most of them are as organized as your great grandma's junk drawer. (no offense, Great Grandma).

But your real Wedding Consultant is there for you through all of these issues, and knows the difference between  Peonies and a Carnation and what time they should be delivered. Are there to organize and orchestrate through the tremendous amount of details and make sure it all happens perfectly. :) 

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Before The First Look Photo Ideas

For all of those Bride & Grooms that don't want to see each other before the ceremony - bad luck, and all, here are some first look photo ideas :) 

These 2 are my personal favorites:

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Planners♥

You have been dreaming of your wedding for so many years, fantasizing about how the music, the dancing, the friends and family present to help you celebrate the start of your lifetime commitment to your partner. You've envisioned how your day will begin, with your maid of honor and bridesmaids there to support you every step of the way.. laughing with excitement as you have your hair and makeup done, knowing that within just a few short hours, you will finally marry the man of your dreams, and start a brand new chapter of your life, one that will be the longest and most fulfilling journey you’ve ever taken.But there is just one problem. You've come to discover that planning the perfect wedding is not only exhausting, frustrating and time consuming, but exceptionally expensive. Even if you trimmed down on the number of flowers or even the amount of guests, you are still way over budget. It feels as though you will end up having to scrap the fantasy wedding you’ve been dreaming about, and perhaps go without some of the special elements that you really hoped could be included. But do you, really? Every year, wedding planners are hired to organize and plan weddings, sometimes elaborate, sometimes simple and intimate but regardless of the wedding type or theme, one thing is crystal clear: Wedding planners can stretch every dollar, fitting every important aspect of your wedding into your budget, regardless how small your budget is.
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Disney Wedding: Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & The Beast is such a beautiful Disney love story, it proves that looks are not the most important thing when it comes to love. Belle is a beautiful girl, who falls in love with a beast.
Beauty & The Beast wedding:
Theme colors: Navy Blue & Yellow/Gold

Wedding Dress: Afred Angelo has it's own Disney Bridal Line honoring all of the Disney princess's dresses. here is the link to Belle's:

Grooms Attire:
or a white suit with a yellow tie 

Bridesmaid attire & flowers

This is the perfect centerpiece for this theme wedding. (with any color rose)
Cake topper
beautiful cake of Beast's castle
Beautiful table decor without being too much color

Every girl deserves a Fairy tale Wedding when she has found her Prince Charming

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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Very Fall Wedding

With a seasonal wedding theme, nature provides a lot of inspiration for the colors, attire and decor. Here are some ways you can infuse the beauty of the season into your wedding look while keeping it natural, simple, elegant, and  budget-friendly.

Flowers: Stay in season while choosing your flowers. Fall flowers include: roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gerberas, sunflowers, black-eyed susan's, zinnias, marigolds, herbs, etc.

Venue: Add lighting and fall scents.

Natural Decor: If you’re getting married outside, you might be able to maximize the beauty of outdoors, with this you will minimize decor expenses. Easy centerpiece and decor ideas include: pumpkins, fall foliage/leaves, pine sprigs, branches, acorns, etc.
Menu: Nutmeg, cinnamon, hot signature drinks, hearty meals, smores, fruits, caramel apples, cheesy delights, etc.

Wedding Stationery: Infusing a simple motif like fall leaves throughout your stationery items sets the stage and incorporates the beauty of the season–perfect for a fall wedding theme.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Must have shots for your bridal session

1. Black & White (because everyone looks good in B&W!)

2. The head on shot/ full dress

3. Back of the dress shot

4. Angled shot 

5. Silhouette in the window shot

6. The ring shot 

7. Shoe shot 

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Trend: Mason Jar's

Mason jars seem to be "in" right now for weddings and all other events. here are some ways you could incorporate them into your wedding/event.

The Mason Jar Mug - an easy, fun way to drink!

The Mason Jar Aisle Runner - this is a perfect way to add a touch of chic to your wedding just add flowers and a ribbon.

Mason Jars make the perfect candle holder, such a cute idea.

i just adore the idea of having mason jars as centerpieces, two or three grouped together in the center of the table with a ribbon that matches your wedding colors = perfection!

Hanging flower vases to add a little color and chic-ness to your event!

Mason jars as chandeliers who would of thought!?

And saved the best for last... Mason jars make the perfect favor for your guests :) 

Enjoy experimenting with mason jars, not just for weddings or events but for chic home decor too! you can paint them, put them on the wall in your office to hold your pens, or even just as a vase for your flowers, the possibilities are endless!


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tip - Overlays

Tip - Organza Overlays Can Add Texture

Organza overlays, especially those with some texture, can truly finish off the look of your wedding. This is another subtle touch that really deserves the quote a “big bang for your buck”. By adding this linen the entire feeling of the room can change.
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Black & White Wedding

A black and white wedding theme is unmistakably sophisticated and modern. This dramatic color combination, whether used on invitations, favors, or ceremony and reception accessories, will have your guests feeling chic and contemporary.
(i made this inspiration board on
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Why do i love weddings?

Simple really, i love LOVE, i love happiness, and i believe in forever's.
Since i was a little tot i married my Barbie's to Ken's or Action Men when i grew a little older i began tp watch wedding TV, and read wedding magazines, books, i began to cut out decor that would go perfect with a gown i printed off the computer and a destination, castle, gardens or beach that i had cut out of a magazine, i had created the perfect wedding from images i had put together from random magazines or with the power of the computer printer. As i grew older i realized that Weddings were in my blood, my grandma had always loved weddings and shared that passion and love with me, she was the one who went into town and always bought me a wedding magazine back, and right up until this very moment my love for weddings has not changed, i'm working my way to become a planner and have a internship with a great, inspirational planner. 
(needless to say my Grandma is proud, and always knew i'd become a great Planner) ♥ 
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