Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shower Sunday: Vintage Class Bridal Shower

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Leila Hafzi Spring 2013 gowns

It's the ethereal and eco-conscious wedding dress collection from Leila Hafzi - Hafzi dresses brides-to-be and starlets alike in her gorgeous gowns that are ethically sourced and produced in Nepal. I love her passion for making a difference with her company, and the flowing, elegant ease of her wedding dress designs...

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspiration Board #5: Mint To Be

One of my favorite parts of planning is definitely the design aspects!  My favorite color would have to be an aqua/turquoise hue and because I usually gravitate to those, I decided to stay away.  Well I didn't go very far, but I decided to go with a mint/sea foam green color that just works out in such a dreamy way with lavender!  Don’t you agree?  Perfect for Spring or Summer and works out pretty much in any venue whether you have a garden setting or a classic ballroom.  Definitely one of my favorite boards to date!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Romantic Beach Wedding Inspiration/Ideas

Many couples are looking for a more relaxed approach to planning their wedding. What’s more relaxing then strolling along a beach? There is something about being near the ocean that is incredibly romantic, perfect for beginning your lives together.
The Locationif you are getting married at a beach resort, the best times of year are just before and after the high season. This can be more economical, as well as ensures you and your guests aren't overrun by tourists. Always have a backup plan in place just in case the weather isn't cooperating on your special day.
Announcements & InvitationsThere is an abundance of nautical style stationary to pull your wedding theme together. From palm trees, beach chairs, sunsets or lighthouses. Also, get really creative; send a message in a bottle! Using a theme base invitation is the first thing your guests will see which will set the tone for the entire event.

 The Attire
Consider wearing a halter style wedding dress that is light, airy or flowing. If the wedding is taking place on the beach, keep in mind the ever present wind when considering headpieces or a veil. Bridesmaids would look fabulous in mid-calf dresses with simple flower accents in their hair. Consider going barefoot or wearing beach sandals if you are getting married on the beach.
If you are getting married inside, the groom would look fantastic in a blue blazer with light colored slacks. An outdoor wedding allows for a more casual look. Perhaps navy slacks and a white linen shirt. The groomsmen should be similarly dressed to the groom.
The Flowers
Great choices for flowers include Bird of Paradise, Heliconia, Red Ginger and Orchids. If the wedding is taking place outside, try using palm trees or palmetto plants. Adding small Christmas lights or always sets a romantic setting as well.
The AccessoriesInstead of flowers have your flower girl carry a basket filled with sea shells. If the ceremony is taking place outside, avoid using a unity candle as the wind might make it nearly impossible to light. Try pouring sand from two buckets into one.

The ReceptionHire a DJ or a steel-drum band to play island or beach music. Buy some children’s pail and shovel sets, using them as centerpieces or to serve food on. You can also cover tables with light blue tablecloths to simulate the ocean and adorn them with lots and lots of seashells.
The FoodOysters and clams make excellent choices for appetizers. For the entrée, how about serving crabs or seafood steamer baskets? You could also serve seafood skewers. Consider decorating the champagne flutes with little umbrellas to really enhance the tropical feel, or even better, how about serving drinks in hallowed out coconuts?!
The Favors
Say thank you to your guests by sending them home with personalized sand pails with essentials such as sunscreen and sunglasses. Shells with a favorite candy also make a great wedding favor for your guests.

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Shower Sunday: Top 5 Pinterest Favorites

Hello! sorry i haven't posted in a while, i am making it up to by posting twice today :) 

Here are my favorite 5 baby showers from Pinterest

To see more please head over to Pinterest :) 

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