Friday, December 21, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Winter always has this magical, intimate feel to it. The snow sparkles like glitter, the lights twinkle like a fairy forest and the warm, homey scents of cinnamon, pine trees, and gingerbread make everyone’s mouth water.
Why not ride that wonderland wave and celebrate your union in a snow castle of your own making? White, as everyone knows, is the traditional wedding color (which means is very easy to find, and very inexpensive) and with a few little extra touches you can transform your reception into a ball worthy of a snow queen!
First, use long tables instead of rounds for your guests to bring in the “family feast” feel. Use white candles of various sizes along the centers. Place them on a sparkly table runner made of white chiffon (you can find this in craft stores) to mimic snow.
To add more of the winter feel, fill small hurricane vases a quarter way full with table salt (or sugar) and place a large candle inside. The salt picks up the light much like snow would, and it’s inexpensive. Throw some tiny silver and white metallic confetti, and maybe a small snowflake ornament or two. Use all white plates, clear glasses, and (if you’re really ambitious) some silver chargers. Cover the chairs with a simple knot at the top of the same fabric as the table runners, let the tails hang to the floor.
Hang twinkle lights all around the room, use super tall vases with salt and candles as entry markers, and add some snow flakes from the ceiling. You can buy glitter covered plastic ornaments during the holidays, or bring out the kid in you and cut some from paper then spray with glitter spray. Keep them small if you cut them yourself, no more than 4in wide.
To really bring out the winter fairyland, grab some pruned branches from a tree. The more smaller twigs the better. Remove all the leaves and spray paint it white. When the white is dry, coat it lightly with glitter spray. Place your “winter trees” in a silver painted pot with silver rocks to hold it. Wrap some twinkle lights around it and you have your own enchanted forest! Add some of the smaller, but taller, twigs to the hurricanes - without the candles of course. You could even put some sparkly baubles into a few hurricanes along the center and the floor.
For the enticing smells, use wall plug ins…but go easy. If it’s a large reception hall two at either end is more than adequate. You want reminiscence, not repulsion. You can use two scents too, but not more than that. For example, the cinnamony smell to welcome guests, the piney scent when they go through the “forest” to the restroom. Use this only if the restroom and entrance are at opposite ends though. 
If you really want an over the top winter wonderland feel, take advantage of that Halloween fake cauldron in your attic. You know…the one that has “fire” in it. As cheesy as it sounds, it can be a fun project and be delightfully charming to guests. Build your own fireplace to put into a corner of the room. Just an extra touch to help with the feeling of that cozy Wonderland Castle!

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