Saturday, January 26, 2013

Save The Date Cards

Should I send out Save the Dates?
In the process of planning your wedding you will have to make the decision on who to invite and how. If you are planning on having a lot of out of town guests Save the Date cards are a must have, as they will allow your guests time to plan their trip. In all other circumstances the decision is ultimately yours, but I love the idea of a Save the Date and would encourage all to look into it. 
What is a Save the Date card?
The Save the Date card is an informal invitation that comes out about 4 to 8 months prior to the wedding date. It would include only the date of the wedding and should not request a reply. This gives guests a longer heads up before the date of your wedding and would therefore increase your attendance. 
  • Increases attendance
  • Sets the mood for the wedding. Save the Date cards are less formal and allow the couple to express a little more creativity and a tradition wedding invitation would be. This allows the couple to show off their individuality. Save the Date cards can be really cute memorabilia for your wedding guests. 
  • Relieves some of the stress. If you send out the Save the Date when wedding planning is not quite as hectic the couple can worry less about informing guests when the 4 to 6 week point rolls around. Note: This does not mean you can send your formal invitations out too late, but if you miss your mark you don’t have to worry too much
  • You would have to pay to print two separate cards for each of you guests. However, money can be saved on the Save the Date cards because they are less formal
  • You cannot change your mind on guests. Once someone receives a Save the Date they are officially invited to your wedding. You must send them a formal invitation. 
There are lots of different opinions and ideas on Save the Dates and I encourage you to look them up. I will be posting some of my favorite Save the Date ideas here in a little while. 

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