Friday, July 26, 2013

What To Include In A Wedding Program

Are wondering what to include in a wedding program? 
Have no idea where to start? 
You've come to the right place! We’ll tell you what a wedding program is, tell you whether programs are required, and tell you what to include in a wedding program.

What to Include in a Wedding Program (program by Harmony Creative Studio)

What is a wedding program? A wedding program is a booklet or single sheet of paper that shares the details of your ceremony to guests. It can include the wedding party, parents, the location, and more. Are wedding programs required? No – but I think programs add a personal, handmade touch. To see what to include in a wedding program, begin reading below:

1. Wedding Date
You’ll want to include your wedding date somewhere in the program. In this example (above), it is placed at the very top next to the location, which is #2.
2. Location
Include the name of your ceremony space and/or the location.
3. Couple’s Names
Add a personal touch with your names somewhere on the ceremony, typically written in large type with an ampersand in-between the names.
4. Parts of the Ceremony
Although not required, if you include parts of the ceremony in a wedding program your guests can follow along easily. This is especially helpful for religious ceremonies, if some guests aren't familiar with the service. Some things you can include are names of readers, musician(s), song titles, prayers or verses, and the officiant’s name.
5. Names of Wedding Party + Parents
The names of your wedding party along with names of parents adds a personal touch. It also tells guests ‘who’s who’ in your wedding party.
6. Message
An optional message, such as “Thank you for celebrating with us”, can be included.
7. Map to Reception
Include a small map on the back of your program with directions from ceremony to reception. Guests will appreciate it!

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