Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Creating a registry

In addition to the wedding and reception, many couples will also have a bridal shower. If not, many guests will bring gifts to the wedding itself. However, it is not always easy for guests to choose gifts for the happy couple, nor is it always easy for couples to come right out and ask for specific items. That is when creating a bridal registry is a good idea. Bridal registries allow the couple to ask for specific items that they will need when starting out their new life together, while giving guests options to choose from based on their personal budgets or wishes for the couple. Many larger department stores will offer bridal registry services, as well as local boutique shops.
What do you have already?
The first thing to do is go through what you and your fiancé already own before creating your bridal registry. Take a look at the items that you already have that are still in good condition, as well as items you will need.
What do you need?
If you are not living together prior to the wedding, then your living situation will definitely change once you get married. Even if you are living together, you may decide to purchase a home or move to a larger apartment once the union has become “official.” Take into consideration the items that you will need to live comfortably together. For instance, you both probably already own dishes, but a new set big enough for both to share, as well as guests, can be a useful item to add to your bridal registry. Pots, pans, and cookware are other common wedding registry items. Do not forget about the smaller things that you may need, even if they seem nonessential. If you really need a vacuum cleaner, add it to the list. Often this will give your guests a better price range for options so they do not have to feel pressured to spend more than they can afford.
What do you want?
Once the needs are out of the way, you can also add on things that you will like to have. This is one of the few times in your life where you can go all out and put big items on their wish list. Some family members or friends may choose to go in together on a gift, or decide to go a little over the top to help the new couple celebrate.
Some couples creating their wedding registry find that this is easiest to do while walking around the store they have chosen to register at, giving them ideas that they might not have thought of otherwise. Consider something fun for the two of you – like a new entertainment center, camping gear for two, or another activity that the two of you enjoy. You can also add items to the bridal registry that are just for the bride or the groom. For instance, if he wants a new set of power tools and she wants designer linens, you can add both to the list.
Make the registry
Many department stores will have an easy way for you to create your  bridal registry. Often, this will involve carrying around a hand held scanner or sitting at a kiosk to input items. The store may also have a checklist of “must have” items to get you started if you have not created your own list. If you are too busy or pressed for time to stop in the store and do the bridal registry in person, many of the larger stores will also allow you to create or edit bridal registries on line at their website.
Tell your guests about the registry
Tell your bridal shower host or hostess where you are registered. Many stores will also give you cards to stick in with the invitations to tell your wedding guests where your bridal registry is set up.
Creating your bridal registry is a fun experience! You get to shop, while all of the presents arrive at your wedding. Enjoy the wonderful time, which lasts from the shopping and planning throughout years of your married life together.

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