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Guest Post: Engagement Party: Making It Personal By Sofia Angeli

Engagement Party: Making It Personal

Planning an engagement can be costly these days. This is especially true since you still have that wedding to think about. Needless to say, you’d want your event costs to fit in your budget, no matter how big or small it may be. But of course, you still want it to be special – unforgettable, in fact, not just to you and your soon-to-be spouse, but also to your guests.

You can make your party unique and truly memorable for everyone present without breaking

the bank. How? Choose your theme wisely, and start focusing on three basic elements of the party. Then you’ll be surprised with the result.

Think About the Theme

Engagement parties don’t always have to be glamorous evening affairs with a big band
playing standards so you can have your much-awaited dance as an engaged couple. 
Here are some ideas to inspire you:
  • Where did you meet? If you got together watching or playing sports with your friends,     then let the party be a morning or an afternoon picnic in the park, where you’ll play some ball games.
  •  Want to give the fiancée a tribute? Center the theme on something about the              bride-to-be or something that she loves. If she’s into music, hold the party in a cozy restaurant or bar and have her favorite tunes played all night – live or not.                         This is definitely more affordable than having it in a hotel function room.
  • Got a favorite meeting place? If you want to share with your family and friends your favorite hangout, then go ahead and book the place for your engagement party.             Let the location itself set the theme. If that pizza place where you go to every               Friday night has an ample space for your family and friends, why look any further?

Three Important Elements

After carefully planning your theme, you should now give your attention to three particular 
things in your party that you should give importance to if you want it to make it as unique as
your relationship with your future spouse – the invite, the toast, and the ending.

1. The Invite

This is one element you should give attention to if you want to have an event that’s one of a kind. Often, couples overlook this and just pick designs that are almost generic. You have to keep in mind that the invite sets the mood for your guests. If you want them to dress properly and think of your party as special, let the invite convey that message.

Don’t forget to focus on your theme. If you’re not going to have a formal event, then why
bother with that invitation printed on thick, off-white cards? If you’re going to have a fun
picnic party, then by all means, send invites with designs and words that will make them anticipate such an event.

2. The Toast

This is the highlight of the event, so don’t take it for granted, and please prepare. This part of the event doesn’t cost any money, just some effort to convince loved ones to speak in public. Usually, it’s the father of the bride-to-be who’ll do the first one, followed by the father of the fiancé. The mothers could also speak, if they wish. Close friends who really know some interesting bits about the couple often give the funniest toasts, so it would be great to
choose two from this circle.

The toasts don’t have to be perfect. But they should never be long and merely a collection of clichés. They should be interesting and centered on the reason for the celebration – you and your would-be spouse. It would also be best to remind those who’ll speak to observe that line between funny and embarrassing.

3. The End

Just like the toast, don’t the end of the party for granted. While it’s best to save the idea of
party favors for the wedding, you can plan simple things that will make your guests really

For instance, giving away instant photos of you with your guests is always a great idea. It makes them remember the fun you just had and look forward to your wedding.
They’re easy and inexpensive to do these days, too; you can hire a pro or ask a friend to do them for you.

Of course, you do have to think a lot about the food, the décor, and so on. But set the theme and these three elements first, and the rest will be much easier than you think.

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