Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to begin "planning" your wedding!

How to start planning your dream wedding!

1. Find pictures that inspire you. They don't all have to be wedding pictures - for example this picture of two chairs and and a table got my creative juices flowing this morning. There's something about them that promises a future life together as a couple, sharing rose al fresco, and enjoying romantic trips to Parisian bistros. They'd start me thinking of a vintage French-themed wedding, maybe in the South of France, where you serve harvest-festival-style buffet tables of charcuterie, creamy cheeses and baguette. Your waiters could wear Breton-style t-shirts, and your wedding invitations could be reminiscent of bistro-style daily menus, with the table plan written in white ink on a vintage mirror. Wedding favors would be macaroons  and you could have a photo booth stuffed to the brim with French-themed fancy dress; berets, strings of garlic, sophisticated mustaches and feather boas. Do you see what I mean? All that from just one picture! (bring these pictures to your wedding planner to help tell her what you are envisioning so she can bring it to life!)

2. Save the pictures that inspire you via Pinterest. If you haven't signed up yet, you really should! It's the best way to create mood boards for your different wedding ideas. My advice is to create one for every theme you're considering, and then one each for key extra items e.g. Favourite Wedding DressesFavorite Groom Looks,Bridesmaids Ideas. Take a look at my Pinterest boards to give you an idea. Once you've opened your Pinterest account, and added the Pin It function to your web browser, you can save every scrap of wedding inspiration in one place.

3. Have you discovered Etsy yet? It's a-mazing! Basically it's an online marketplace, where the most creative people in the world sell handmade or vintage items. It is chock-a-block packed with wedding ideas and inspiration, and I'd really recommend signing up for their weekly wedding emails, and reading the Etsy Wedding Blog

4. Trawl the wedding blogs. I suppose I'm bound to think this, but honestly the wedding blogs are the best place for free wedding inspiration. Personally I recommend checking out the "Real Weddings" section of any wedding blog. That's where you can see, borrow and "steal" other brides' wedding ideas, and keep up on all the latest wedding trends. 
5. Find wedding inspiration from your life as a couple. Think back through your courtship, your first date, your first vacation together, where you got engaged, where you live, your hobbies, what you love doing together, eating together, watching on TV. Do you both love travel? Love Chinese food? Did you both grow up in the country? Did you meet thanks to a shared love of music? All of these little details about the two of you as a whole, can grow into a big wedding inspiration idea. 

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