Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Insure The Bling

Diamond engagement rings, a start to your marriage, your lives together and a infinite symbol of your love. Right after your ring is put on your finger you won't be able to stop day dreaming about wedding gowns, (hiring a planner/coordinator) wedding decor and honeymoon locations and then you wake up from your day dreams and realize an important thing you almost forgot; ring insurance. If you have a wedding checklist it will remind you that this should be one of the first goals as a bride-to-be.
martha stewart weddings diamond rings from Calder Clark Designs diamond rings
Getting insurance is easy and relatively cheap. Some jewelers offer insurance when you purchase the ring.  If not, there are plenty of other options; renters insurance, homeowners insurance, supplemental insurance coverage, etc. There are even companies that specialize in jewelry insurance. This article by The will help you decide what insurance is right for you. it will only take a few minutes to add a supplemental policy to your already existing homeowners coverage or add/create your bling insurance! What are you waiting for? Get that bling insured; better safe than sorry.

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