Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Hosted Bar

Every couple wants to save money planning their wedding. Even couples with an unlimited budget still search for that one thing where they can absolutely say....."I'm not paying that much".

 Three Tips for a Hosted Bar:

Hosting the Bar at your reception is always a big chunk of change. Instead of doing a "Full Hosted Bar", think about just offering a few selections such as Beer, Wine and a Signature Drink. Guests will love that you are not making them pay for their beverages at your wedding that you invited them to. 

I get that some couples have a Cash Bar using excuses such as...."we can't afford to buy everyone drinks"
Seriously, if your inviting them, then you should not be making them pay. If you need to cut down on the number of guest then do it! Budget in for at least a few beverages that guest will not have to pay for and if they want something different then by all means let them pay. 

Have an amount in mind that you do not want to go over during your reception. Inform your Wedding Coordinator or someone you have asked to be informed when it is getting close to your limit. You then can decide to do away with beer or wine or tell them to keep it going. 

1: Consider only having Cocktail Hour for 30 to 45 minutes. This is where you will be offering Beer, Wine and your Signature Drink

2: Close the bar during announcements and dinner, guest will carry whatever drink they have into the reception room where also water, coffee or tea can be found on the reception tables.

3: After dinner open the bar back up offering Beer and Wine. If guest want something more they will be more than happy to pay for it. 

 Leave it to your Bartender to inform guest and have cute little signs on the bar letting them know what is offered.
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