Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Color Palette Tuesday: Meanings

There's no question: choosing wedding colors can be one of the trickiest tasks a bride has to cross off the list early on in the planning. Or if you let it, it can be one of the easiest decisions you make. My advice would simply be: go with colors you love. Because the truth is- you can make virtually any color palette look great, its just a matter of determining what feeling you are going for.
When trying to determine the perfect color palette for your wedding day, have you ever wondered what the colors you've chosen mean? What energy do they give off? What themes do your colors work best with? What about the season?
I'm going to try to answer that. You see, the meaning behind wedding colors really lies within the energy that certain colors give off. Some colors are bold and intense which make them better suited for elegant atmospheres whereas other colors are bright and cheery and more often than not make them better suited for creating a casual, fun-loving and happy atmosphere.

{Gold Palettes}: Gold evokes elegance, luxury, warmth, & tradition. Gold is a color that is primarily used in weddings where the couple is trying to create an upscale atmosphere. Gold is rich, it's intense and it definitely gives off that old world kind of vibe. Gold works fabulously in Winter & Fall weddings as a compliment to a richer hue.

{Red Palettes}: Passionate, dramatic, and packed with personality, this romantic hue can really be used in different ways to create entirely different looks. Depending on how you pair it! Red looks gorgeous with aquas, grays or even greens. The perfect color for Summer and Winter weddings.
{White Palettes}:When brides around the world think about having a classic wedding they picture this color. White is associated with purity, simplicity & modernity. Its clean, and it's minimalistic. In some contexts, white can be considered traditional. However, suprisingly white can also be considered very modern if you use large amounts of it by itself.
{Peach Palettes}: This soft and feminine hue is nothing but dreamy. Perfect for a bride who wants to create an atmosphere that is charming & pretty. Lovely with colors like navy blue, crisp white, or even celery- peach really is a beautiful hue. Works lovely in Summer or Spring weddings.

{Navy Blue Palettes}: This ultra-preppy color makes for one fabulous wedding color. Often paired with chartreuse or classic white this color puts tradition first, and adds a certain masculinity to the palette. Navy is the perfect color to incorporate into a nautical theme and is great for yaught club settings, or beach weddings. Navy is a great alternative to black.

{Gray Palettes}: Modern, understated, retro and sleek, Gray is a color that is popping up everywhere in the world of weddings. And here lately, gray has become the hottest neutral there is. Pair it with colors like yellow, red or plum for the ultimate perfect palette. Gray is the new black.

{Orange Palettes}: Orange is the perfect color for Fall weddings. Not to say that it can't be used for other seasons. However, more often than not Orange is associated with the harvest and with all things Fall. For Fall weddings- orange looks incredible with brown and copper. If you want to use it in a Spring or Summer wedding- simply pair it with a bright and cheery color like yellow or aqua.

 GREEN{Green Palettes}: In weddings, green is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks to the increasing volume of eco-talk, green's also a prominent hue at environmentally-conscious weddings. Green means growth, new life, and positive energy. There are so many ways to use green in your wedding. When paired with a bright color like pink - it can be the perfect palette for Summer or Spring. Or pair it with a more subdued/rustic hue to create a look perfect for Fall or Winter.
{Aqua Palettes}: Fun-loving, fresh and vibrant. A favorite of beach brides, especially tropical ones. But aqua shows up in plenty of other places, too. It's a favorite paired with chocolate brown for brides who want a fun and modern palette, and aqua and hot pink are also make a pretty palette. Here lately we're even seeing aqua paired with red which makes for a lovely duo.

 YELLOW{Yellow Palettes}: Optimistic, cheery, and packed full of happy thoughts... Yellow is the kick your shoes off and dance kind of color. Lovely with colors like navy, latte, red, or even orange- Yellow has endless possibilities. But one thing is for sure- Yellow is 100 % fun! Perfect for Spring or Summer weddings. We're seeing this color pop up quite often here lately because of the fun factor it brings with it.

 CHAMPAGNE & IVORY{Champagne Palettes}: Refined and elegant, rich and conservative, champagne is a sophisticated color that has a slightly vintage feel. Sometimes with champagne, you will find a slight shimmer which evokes a certain elegance that is unmatched. The perfect compliment to more intense hues like red, and plum or even gold.

{Ivory Palettes:} Ivory is elegant, old-world and soft-spoken. Ivory speaks of hand-polished silver and ironed linen. There is something very charming & calming about Ivory. It's less harsh than white and can really evoke a certain old timey feel. A great alternative to white, ivory can work with almost any color.

LAVENDER{Lavender Palettes}: Soft, dainty and ladylike, this color often appears in Summer and Spring weddings. It's the perfect color to include in a garden setting. It's nice with colors like chartreuse, classic black or even crisp white. This color looks great in patterns like paisley and gingham.

 PALE PINK{Pale Pink Palettes}: The lighter shades of pink speak to romance, playfulness, and a sense of sweetness. Not to mention it's association with new love and all things pretty. Pale pink works beautifully in Spring or Summer weddings & looks gorgeous is garden & chapel weddings. Pale pink goes beautifully with champagne, light greens & grays. Pink is delicate, soft & beyond charming.
{Coral Palettes}: In weddings, this color really is unique. Sometimes taking on a Caribbean feel. Beautiful pairings like coral and copper or coral and blue are nice. Coral is vibrant and punchy & really works nicely in modern weddings. Coral palettes are beautiful in beach settings and any wedding by a body of water for that matter.

{Hot Pink Palettes}: Hot pink is bursting with energy. The perfect hue to incorporate into almost any season- Hot pink is a great color for beach weddings. Contemporary, fun & definitely modern, hot pink looks incredible with black, chocolate brown or slate gray. Pink is a fun loving color that also can be very romantic.

 PLUM {Plum Palettes}: Purple has strong, historical associations with royalty, especially in sacred contexts. But thanks to the fashion world, purple's taken on a whole new life, and becomes challenging and mysterious, glamorous, and ever-so-slightly chic. Especially when paired with other complex hues like charcoal or even gray. Perfect for Winter & Fall weddings.

{Silver Palettes}: Silver is upscale and elegant - its a color that speaks to all things antique. It makes a beautiful compliment to Winter weddings & it's metallic quality really makes it special.

{Chocolate Brown Palettes}: Chocolate brown is rich and rustic. The perfect alternative to black when it comes to rustic settings like farm weddings, or vineyard weddings. Brown paired with burnt orange, copper or even colors like pink or red really do create unique and beautiful palettes.
{Black Palettes}: Sophisticated, intense, & mysterious, black shows up when couples have strong opinions about design. Black can lend a clean, graphic look to the wedding, or can sometimes be a nice accent color. A good neutral for any wedding.

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