Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unique Wedding Ideas WeddingBlvd loves!!

For all the wedding inspiration that’s out there on the internet today, there’s no limit to the great ideas that you can get for your special day. However dear readers, have you noticed that lately it’s been hard to find truly unique ideas? “Will you be my bridesmaids” cards and signature cocktails are a dime a dozen online, but every once in a while we’ll stumble across amazing wedding ideas that have been thought up by inspired, quirky couples. Whenever this happens, I want to pump my fist in the air and jump up and down, shouting “YES! FINALLY! THAT IS SO COOL!” In fact, I did that for every single one of these awesome ideas that we found on the interwebs:

1. The big DIY paper flower instead of a bouquet. Quirky, adorable, and it saves you all those dollar bills that you would otherwise have dropped on flowers that’d be gone in a week.

2. A confetti bar to let out your guests’ creative side, and give them a variety of paper goodies to shower you with. Mix, match, toss and enjoy!

3. A wedding invite with song requestsso that you won’t have to give your DJ a list of songs that you hope your guests won’t hate. Plus, everyone can get their own little tune in there, from the kids to the grandparents. Genius!

4. The statement necklace to add that extra “je ne sais quois” to your wedding day look. I love this, because it opens up such a realm of possibility on how to really stand out and look unique on your wedding day. It’d be perfect for a bride that gets a plainer dress, but still wants to feel and look amazing.

5. A Healthy Cocktail Bar Help your guests stay healthy by serving specialty cocktails that include freshly squeezed juices and fresh herb accents,

6. Black and white photography When interviewing wedding photographers, make sure to ask if they can shoot both in color and black and white, and then make sure he or she captures formal portraits, details, and special moments in both.

7. Posies for moms Who wants to put a hole in their clothes? And wrist corsages tend to be rather itchy. If mom is insisting on having personal flowers for her walk down the aisle, Medley says a small posy is the way to go.

8. Global inspiration Brides have always looked to their family’s cultural and religious customs to help them plan and design both their wedding ceremony and reception, but now more couples are looking beyond their own heritage. Brides are asking for a patchwork of polychromatic hues with an earthy basing. Wood, fabrics, paper, and feathers are featured as part of this mix.

9. Seasonal cake decor 
Winter: Winter weddings can be white on white with three dimensional snowflakes or add amaryllis to each tier.
Spring: Weddings held in the spring have the luxury of choosing from a large variety of flowers such as lily of the valley, peonies, and tulips.
Summer: The summer cake shown here was designed by Kristine Bender of K. Rose Cakes in Washington, DC and features wild strawberries and small flowers made from marzipan.
Fall: Fall foliage, leaves in a beautiful reds, oranges, and golds, as well as acorns or tree-motifs are perfect for fall or woodland-themed weddings.

10. Shorter guest list and casual settings Forget the never ending guest list. Keep your wedding small(-ish) and plan an intimate reception, Instead of a 5-hour party—1 hour of cocktails and 4 hours of dinner, dancing, and dessert- opt for a 4-hour party where they have passed canapés, food stations, and passed small plates finished off with bite-sized treats. A shorter guest list and a more casual setting can also save you money. You're basically compacting all the fun, pomp and circumstance into a short party, which sometimes means a smaller budget.

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