Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wedding Ideas For *Coffee* Lovers

Unique and maybe a little cray, yes i know but i am going to show you classy and tasteful ideas. 
- Are your two loves in life your fianc√© and coffee? For some people, that seems to be the case! Maybe you met and/or fell in love at a coffee shop or it has otherwise played a role in your relationship. Or maybe you both just simply love coffee and it's something you've bonded over. 
If you want to make it a part of your wedding but don't know how to, there are a few unique and creative ways that you and your coffee-loving guests will love. From your stationary to your favors and even your centerpieces, there are definitely ways to get your java fix on your big day! There's something really warm and cozy about a coffeehouse, and you can bring that same atmosphere to your wedding.

Don't wait until the wedding send coffee-themed save the date's or bridal shower invites Your save the date's or other stationary will usually give your guests a clue as to your wedding colors and just how formal or informal the day will be, and it also gives some insight into the couple's fun personality. Save the date's are less formal than actual invitations, so you can have some fun with them. Check out these options below for some inspiration:


Coffee Wedding Favors 

                  *These are actually magnets!*        *Use burlap bags for coffee favors & add a sign*

        *Personalize your burlap coffee bag favors with a ribbon & your wedding date/ initials*

Coffee centerpieces - Yes, they exist! 

This idea can stand alone as it's own centerpiece or could be combined with another centerpiece idea (or maybe placed on your cake table or other area). Filling a container (whether it's a small vase, a mason jar [very popular!], even a glass) with coffee beans and lighting a tea candle on top of them is not only aesthetically pleasing, but you'll be able to smell the coffee beans, mmm! Of course, you'd have to clear this with your venue, as some places don't allow open flames (but may allow small candles like this). Here are a few ideas for how you could go about doing this:

Other Coffee Wedding Inspiration

             *Coffee Cake*                                              *Rings & Coffee Beans Shot*
                                                            ..How daring are you?..

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